JA / JK2 Working Scripts

Auto Rocket - JK2 (some JA)

bind 2 "vstr auto-rocket"
set auto-rocket "weapon 9; wait; wait; wait; +altattack; wait; wait; wait; weapon 1; wait; wait; wait; weapon 9; wait; wait; wait; -altattack";

Model Toggle - JK2/JA

bind I "vstr model_toggle"
set model-1 "seta model rosh_penin/default; seta team_model rosh_penin/default; set model_toggle vstr model-2"
set model-2 "seta model rebel/default; seta team_model rebel/default; set model_toggle vstr model-3"
set model-3 "seta model rebel_pilot/default; seta team_model rebel_pilot/default; set model_toggle vstr model-1"
set model_toggle "vstr model-1"

Kick Script - JK2/JA

bind q "+forward; wait 2; +moveup; wait 2; wait 2; wait 2; -moveup; wait 2; +moveup; wait 2; +moveup"

To use a script make a .cfg file in your base directory (ex.: cprogram files\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\Game Data\base\) and name it something like scripts.cfg. You can make a cfg file by clicking File>New>Text Document, then save it as scripts.cfg. Or you can use geM's cfg maker, to create one. After you have the cfg file, open it with a text editor (ex.: Notepad), and copy the script from the forum in your .cfg file. Then change the keys for each script the way you like it and save. Once ingame open the conosle and write /exec scripts.cfg (this loads the script), but in order to use a script (ex.: kick script), you need to press the button you assined for each script. So lets say you have the kick script assined to I, you have to run at someone/something and press I, this would preform a double jump and kick, if you have someone/something in front of you. The same principal works with all other scripts.

NOTE: you can put all of the scripts in one .cfg file, or a create a new one for each script, but be aware if you use a difirent .cfg for each script, you would have to /exec them each one at a time. If you put all in one .cfg, you just need to write it once.

TIP: if you are the kind of person that wants each script in a seperate file, you can make one cfg(ex.:all.cfg), that would contain commands like:

exec kick.cfg
exec dfa.cfg
exec ......
exec .....

and then just type exec all.cfg and it would exec all the scripts at once.